Pure Salmon is one of the fastest growing Atlantic salmon companies globally. We are on course to build and operate multiple 10,000 tons p.a. and 20,000 tons p.a. vertically integrated aquaculture production and processing facilities using land-based Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology. We are targeting 260,000 tons of annual Atlantic salmon production by 2025, with 140,000 tons p.a. already mapped out.

We are about to announce the location of our first 10,000 tons p.a. facility in Japan, which will be the largest Atlantic salmon RAS facility in Asia and one of the largest globally. In Japan, Pure Salmon will operate under the name “Soul of Japan”.

Pure Salmon is a portfolio company of private equity funds managed by 8F Asset Management Pte. Ltd., a global asset management firm focused on impact investing, headquartered in Singapore with group offices in London and New York.


Pure Salmon is already farmed in the first fully operational RAS facility located in Poland, with our salmon having reached harvest-size in August 2018, and first full batch harvest expected in Q2 2019.

Smoked Salmon

Batch 1234

About us

The Farm


         This salmon was raised, harvested, processed, smoked and packaged in our farm in Japan thanks to a clean & fresh technology and a local & sustainable process.


Origin: Japan

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Arrival date: 2017/04/05

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Start date: 2017/04/05

End date: 2019/04/05

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Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technology is a disruptive, non-invasive, land- based aquaculture method that will reshape the fish farming industry.

Its attributes offer pristine living conditions to our fish and ensure the finest quality product for our customers while protecting the environment and the ocean ecosystems

1   Optimal Filetering

2   Proprietary Oxygen Dissolving System

3   Energy Saving Solution

4   Proprietary Reliable Indoor Design

5   Full Bio-Security Control

6   Monitoring and Control

7   Scalable Design

8   Channel-Fish Transfer Through Water

9   Industrial Production Tanks


Date: 2019/04/05

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Start date: 2019/04/05

End date: 2019/04/06

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Date: 2019/04/06

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